12. Fractum Lux Promo 2016 


Another show! Great local symphonic metal band Nymphill released their first album called "Fractum Lux", it's great opportunity to have some fun and drink a few!

For details check Concerts section.

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11. Photos from Ciemna Strona Miasta 


We've got something for you! Pack of brand new photos form Ciemna Strona Miasta by Henryk Michaluk!

We hope you enjoyed the show, thanks for coming, and as always - stay tuned, more concerts soon!

Played tracks: Entrance, Fear, Age of Damned Angels, Circle, Eleven Years, Gorgona, Nothing Funny, Pride and Ocean.

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10. Back on stage 


There is a new venue in concerts section.

May the 13th at Ciemna Strona Miasta, Wrocław - be there!

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09. Demo Released 


Finally! Our demo is ready! Check out our bandcamp profile.

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