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Blade Rain is a metal band formed in Wrocław, Poland. Musicians themselves label their music as Melodic Death Metal / Electronic. The meaning of lyrics is usually about everyday life and most of them are based on actual experiences.

The idea to start Blade Rain was born in may 2011 when Michał Żebracki, Grzegorz Trojan and Michał Wawrzyniak were spending time together discussing good music and having a few.

At the very beginning a few jam sessions were organised but due to lack of bigger results, the band suspended their activity.

The band restarted in february 2012 after Michał Papuszka joined. Members started to look for a bass player. A few months later Jakub Klimek closed the squad.

In february 2013 first recording sessions took place. After that in june guitar player Aleksandra Swirska replaced one of the founders Michał Wawrzyniak and played a couple of gigs later that year.

At the beginning of 2015 Aleksandra decided to leave the band because of personal issues. After that Bartosz Bednarski joined and half a year later the band represented their home city on Emergenza Festival national finals.

In early april 2016 band decided to change a bass player - Mateusz Wciórka replaced Jakub Klimek due to animosity issues.

In may 2016 the band released their first EP for promotional purposes. It contains 4 tracks that most show the diversity of their compositions.

Former members

Jakub Klimek
bass (2012-2016)
Aleksandra Świrska
guitars (2013-2015)
Michał Wawrzyniak
guitars (2012-2013)